Five Ways to Attract Top-Notch Clients to Your Spa Business

Years of working in NYC's upscale beauty industry has taught me what top notch and celebrity clients expect when they walk through the doors. To attract great clients who are able and willing to spend big money in your beauty establishment, you must provide these key elements.

1. Location and convenience.

Top-notch clients are busy and in high demand! Make sure your business is in an accessible location with plenty of parking. If a client has to pay for parking in a garage, for example, that is fine...but be sure to validate! Valet parking is the best option for upscale clients who do not have drivers. Note that parking that is always crowded and/or far away from your facility is a turn-off and can make clients late for appointments.

Make sure your business has easy elevator access or keep it at street level, if possible. Great lighting, handicap access and a well-maintained entrance is key for attracting top-notch clients. Having building personnel like a doorman or greeter is another great way to welcome clients into your business. Who doesn't want to be greeted with a warm hello and an open door?

2. A discrete, confident and attractive staff.

Top-notch clients (and all clients for that matter) need to be acknowledged as soon as they enter the reception area. The only way to do that is to stop whatever you are doing and greet your clients as soon as they arrive. If on the phone, a nod and smile will suffice until you can assist them thoroughly. On the other hand, staff should also be discrete and polite. If a celebrity or public figure comes into your business do not lose your cool! Speak in a soft and sophisticated tone of voice and be calm and cordial. Staff should also be confident in their knowledge of services, prices and procedures and look great while doing it. Most clients visit a spa business because the staff inspires a certain look or esthetic. Clients strive to look or experience the way of life that that business portrays. Make sure your staff is up to par in this department.

3. Privacy and relaxation.

We go to a spa knowing that we will spend money for not only a service but for an experience...and hopefully a luxurious one at that! From the first few steps into a spa, the client should be transported away from the realities of everyday living. Music, decor, lighting, aroma and ambiance should whisk your client away to another place. If you can make it happen, have clients check in privately so conversations about services, prices and questions can be handled without onlookers or eavesdroppers. A waiting area, or relaxation area, should be secluded with low lighting and plenty of space for clients to spread out and decompress. Furthermore, establish a mobile device silencing policy upon arrival as well as rules for children and pets.

4. Extras for miles.

Top notch clients remember the little extras that you provide and return for them. A sweet treat wrapped in gold foil after a service or a complimentary tea, fruit-infused water or healthy snack before or in- between services are just lovely! Depending on the laws, wine and champagne are indulgent offerings, as well. Don't forget that you may have to go above and beyond for top-notch accommodate requests for special food to be brought in or catered for a special guest or large bridal party. Provide secure lockers for clients' bags and personal belongings so they feel safe and comfortable. Reading material, slippers, luxurious robes, and plenty of clean towels are essential. Have bathroom attendants keep bathrooms and locker rooms spotless. Never run out of toilet paper, hand soaps, lotions, shampoo or conditioner. Offer hair dryers, disposable combs and styling products like hairspray and dry shampoo. Make your client feel at home and they will want to spend all day (and tons of cash) at your spa.

5. Personalization for the celebrity experience.

Personalization goes beyond just remembering your clients' names. Personalizing a top-notch, VIP client experience takes a lot of note-taking, memorization and attention to detail. Personalization starts with a written questionnaire or concierge style question and answer segment during the scheduling process. Requesting such information as music preferences, lighting preferences, scent aversions, temperature preferences and allergies are just a start. Depending on the culture of your spa business and offerings, personalization will make a great experience a VIP experience, in no time.