6 Tips To Love Your Skin Like The Pros Do

Have you ever wondered how the pros in the beauty and skin care industries take care of their own skin?  Learn the skin-loving tips that beauty experts live-by for gorgeous, year-round glowing skin.

1.  Wash Your Face Like You Mean It

Youth and beauty starts with a clean slate, morning and night.  You've gotta put some elbow grease into your cleansing routine to really get the oil, dead skin and makeup off consistently.  Beauty pros don't count on just wipes or micellar water either!  You need to find a creamy, foaming or gel cleanser that works best for your skin conditions and rinse it off really well with several splashes of warm water.  Pros also utilize sonic cleansing tools along with finishing the job with toner to complete the cleansing process and stabilize the pH of the skin.  Incomplete or improper cleansing leaves oil, makeup and debris in the pores and creates the perfect breeding ground for clogged skin and breakouts.

2.  Don't Ever Miss Your Serum Step

After cleansing and toning, the pros always apply some type of treatment serum to their skin.  This can be a fine, measured liquid dispensed with an eye-dropper, a gel, oil or silky lotion.  Serums are going to make the changes you are looking for because they are concentrated and powerful.  Cleansing and moisturizing alone will not transform your skin; you need to put your targeted treatments on and then seal them in with moisturizer.  Serums are going to brighten brown spots, unclog pores or soften lines more effectively than night creams and SPF day-time moisturizers ever will!  Look for antioxidant serums with vitamins A, C and E and lotions that contain an exfoliating agent like glycolic or lactic acid.

3.  Make UV Protection A Top Priority

Skin care pros always wear a high quality SPF everyday and reapply it.  A high quality SPF usually contains some type of physical UV blocking agent like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide and will be a bit on the thicker side.  The other thing you will see a sun-savvy skin care pro doing is reapplying said SPF multiple times per day. Even most medical-grade sunscreens are only blocking rays for around two to three hours, so application is never a one shot deal.  Hats, umbrellas and UV blocking clothing are also popular amongst the the pros.  The pros know that UV exposure thins your skin, can exacerbate rosacea, and stimulates your melanocytes creating unwanted hyperpigmentation - so the temporary tan is never worth it!

4.  Grin and Bear It

Pros are willing to put up with a little bit of bullet-biting to get great results!  Building up to aggressive treatments is something that most estheticians and beauty professionals will always be willing to do (and sometimes brag about).  Just like fitness enthusiasts will boast about their 15 pull-ups or 700 calories burned, estheticians will proudly tell you that they got an amazing medical-grade peel that made them shed skin for seven days!   In terms of skincare, some procedures can be slightly uncomfortable, however, new, beautiful skin will result - so the temporary sacrifice is worth it!  Mind you, these aggressive treatments are not to be performed on one's self at home.  Even estheticians and physicians insist on professional, in-office treatments under qualified supervision.


5.  Clean Eating And Above-Average Water Intake

Most skin care enthusiasts know the connection between clean eating, ample hydration and beautiful skin.  You will regularly find skin care pros who start their day with a green smoothie, eat lots of salads with lean protein and snack on fruit and nuts.  Avoiding processed foods, refined sugar, deep-fried foods and, for some, dairy products, can be the formula for skin care success.  Estheticians will regularly refer their clients to registered dietitians, holistic nutritionists and food allergy specialists to ensure that chronic, unwanted skin conditions are not simply a result of an adverse aspect of the diet.  Water intake, as always, is beyond important when it comes to glowing skin.  Even celebs like JLo have been quoted saying that water is their number one beauty treatment.  Well hydrated skin (from within) will look plump, dewey and youthful - so don't be shy when it comes to your daily H20.

6.  Read Product Labels

Just like many health-conscious people scrutinize food labels, skin care experts will always examine the ingredients in a product.  The pros know that the norm is for products to be comprised mostly of fillers, thickening agents, perfume, colorants, cheap emollients and/or water. Sifting through skin care brands from the drugstore to doctor's office is a task that few can master.  The most important tips to keep in mind: find out what the active ingredients are in the product, how much of it the product contains and is it in a form that the skin can accept.  Many brands make big claims but when you flip over to read the label and see nothing to back up those claims, you may be getting much less than what you're paying for.  A serum, for example, may claim that it clears blemishes and reduces pores but if you don't see ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or sulfur you will most likely see very little impact from using it.  

Take my advice, and follow what the pros are doing when it comes to having youthful, clear and glowing skin.  Partner with an esthetician who can properly analyze, treat and care for your skin.  If that particular esthetician has glowing skin then you can rest assured that their advice will be on point for you as well!