Four Self-Care Rituals to Add to Your Wellness Routine in 2018


Many of us want to take better care of ourselves to start the new year. Are you hoping to add some self-care rituals to your wellness routine in 2018? Here are my top four suggestions for having a glow from head to toe.

1. Skin radiance upgrades

If you are looking to maximize your anti-aging and beauty routine in 2018, consider adding some professional tools and treatments. Adding a sonic facial cleansing system to your night-time sudsing session will increase exfoliation and allow treatment products to penetrate deeply. Jade rollers are fantastic for cooling inflammation, increasing circulation and lifting the skin.

If you're more apt to add on a clinical anti-aging device, consider an LED mask to treat acne lesions and protect collagen or a handheld microcurrent device for toning and lifting. If you are in need of an at-home facial exfoliation hack, look for a clinical-strength peel pad with glycolic or lactic acids for a fresh and dewey glow.

And nothing gives a hydrated glow like a skin-quenching sheet mask or a moisturizing mud mask. Just adding one of these skin boosting treatments one to three times a week can totally enhance your visage.

2. Smoothing and toning treatments

For many of us, the winter months are frigid, and we spend more time indoors cozied up on the couch. We also tend to get dry, chapped, dead-skin buildup. So if you are in need of increased blood flow and smooth skin, consider adding dry-brushing to your morning or nightly regimen.

A common dry-brushing technique includes using a wooden brush with stiff, natural bristles in upward, sweeping motions on the whole body working towards the heart. Benefits include increased circulation, exfoliating dead skin, smoothing skin texture and aiding in lymphatic draining. Dry brushing only takes a couple minutes and is great to do before a bath or shower.

If you prefer to exfoliate in the shower, using a sugar, coffee or salt scrub is extremely beneficial for winter skin. Scrubs help to increase circulation and slough-off dead skin. You can make your own scrubs at home or find a fabulous scrub at your pharmacy or favorite beauty shop or spa.

3. Spa bathing rituals

Bring the spa home by adding some fragrant, healing and invigorating practices right to your own bathroom. Start by hanging some eucalyptus branches in your shower. Grab your favorite set of cotton terry towels and a fluffy robe and ditch the phone for an afternoon.

Draw a warm bath with naturally detoxifying and soothing salts like sea salt, epsom salt or pink himalayan salt. Salt baths can help to soothe aches and pains, reduce bloat and remineralize the skin. Natural bath bombs and bubble baths are also great bath-time enrichments.

Choose sustainable and organic formulations whenever possible. Look for bath-time products that are made with real essential oils and are free of parabens and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Remember, the skin is not a barrier; it's a carrier.

Warm water and invigorating steam are natural ways to calm the body and lesson congestion in the sinuses and pores, so add some spa flair to your bath time right at home.

4. Spa ambiance in your home

Bring the OM to your home with these spa ambiance essentials. Allow some time to completely unplug from your device and focus on your breathing. Add calming sensory experiences that include aromas from essential oil products, soft lighting and blissful music. Burn your favorite soy candle or add essential oils to your diffuser.

Get into your favorite PJs or robe and flip flops and lounge on soft pillows. Infusing spring water with cucumber and mint or sipping on a mug of herbal tea will ease your tired spirit. Enjoy the soft, warm lighting of a Himalayan salt lamp. Be sure to kick your feet up and enjoy some time away from the hectic day-to-day routine and take a spa day at home.

You may not be able to get to the spa every week, but with these zen spa hacks you can have a spa day in your own living room.

With these wellness rituals on hand, you can decide which options you will be adding to your daily or weekly routine. Pick one or two and see how much better you feel.

2018 is a fresh start to focus on pampering and rejuvenating self-care. You owe it to yourself to add some self-loving, spa-inspired rituals for a smooth and beautiful glow all year long.